Spa Reflexology

The hands and feet are regarded much like maps of the body, whereby points on the hands and feet correspond to vital organs and body systems. Facilitate the health and well-being of your clients with techniques that restore a sense of balance and renewal. Spa Reflexology is a unique, soothing modality which relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and increases circulation through stimulation of key reflexes.

hsdetailedhandreflexologychartStudents will participate in classroom activities and hands-on practice of Reflexology techniques. Students will learn the theory of “zones” and learn how to apply pressure to key reflex points, which affect body organs in the same zone. The course materials and hands-on exchanges are valuable tools which promote learning and contribute to the student’s ability to demonstrate, with proficiency, a therapeutic Spa Reflexology session.

Tuition includes: course binder, course materials, and course Certificate.
Tuition: $249.  Class Dates and Location: